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A lovely Kalabubu necklace tribal from Nias Indonesia, comprised of polished discs of coconut strung onto a solid brass band, the ‘kalabubu’ was worn exclusively by males and once restricted to those who had attained the status of a warrior or headhunter. For the most chiefly aristocratic warriors, the elegant torque would have been covered in gold leaf, the ultimate marker of nobility and a connection with the gods. 

Kalabubu Coconut|Brass Necklace on Stand

  • Rare museum ornament. Stand included.

    Circa late 19th century-early 20th century.

    Origin: South Nias, Indonesia

    Material: Coconut, Brass

    Size: 17"L x 10"W (with stand)


    Decorate your modern primitive home, luxury farmhouse or dreamed coastal getaway!

    Every item is handcrafted and includes a custom made stand. Natural materials are used, allowing slight differences in color and size.

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