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This traditional Injera serving platter would traditionally be gifted to the woman of the household from her husband and would have deep meaning and are a sign of pride in all Ethiopian households.

The Injera meal is always presented with much flair and pride in the display and the serving container adds a lot to this presentation. Mostly these Injera meals are served in baskets but wooden injera tables like this one are the highest level of presentation for these traditional meals and are rare to find now. The carved bowl side of this platter which is the area used to present and serve the injera along with the accompanying stews, salads and condiments is decorated with geometric designs on all surfaces and also has a Coptic Christian Cross design in the center of the bowl.

Gurage | Injera Serving Platter

  • Origin: Ethiopia

    Material: Wood

    Size: 21" Diameter x 5" H

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