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Rare peice. 

Traditional design scarifications of Mossi Biiga Fertility Doll Figures are washed and dressed and carried on the back just like a real child would be. If it is damaged, the Biiga is taken to the local diviner for attention. The Biiga is passed on from mother to daughter or from sister to sister. All Mossi dolls have a cylindrical base that is slightly wider than the body. It is carved without legs or arms but has accentuated breasts which are a symbol of motherhood. The head is a stylization of the gyonfo, a female hairdo; The Biiga also features scarification patterns that are realistic and found on the Mossi people themselves. Beautifully crafted and displaying the high-quality work of the Mossi people.

Mossi Biinga Fertility Doll

  • Origin: Burkina Faso

    Material: Wood | Cowrie Shell

    Size: 3" W x  11" L

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