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The Learning Tree Series

The Learning Tree Mini Series, a collaboration with The Silk Tent & The Barnes Foundation, is an Interactive Show-N-Tell Experience featuring artifacts with rich history nestled inside The Silk Tent International Boutique during the EVERYDAY PLACES Artist Partnership Program.

Patrons will have a chance to Scout, Scan and School themselves around the boutique using the QR Code Scanner located on their mobile devices -making it a fun, immersive experience for inquisitive minds.

If your QR code scanner is not available, feel free to simply click the videos below. Thank you for joining us under The Learning Tree.


Welcome to The Learning Tree: Adinkra Symbols | Ghana


Welcome to The Learning Tree: Pygmy Bark Cloth | Republic of Congo


Welcome to The Learning Tree: Tyn (Juju) Headdress | Cameroon


Welcome to The Learning Tree: Igbo Maiden Mask | Nigeria


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