A 20th century Bedu female plank mask worn by the Nafana people, Africa. The Bedu mask is geometric in form with black and white painted checkered patterning is elegantly surmounted with a large circle at top. The large open disc signifies the mask would have been worn by a woman as the men’s masks were adorned with horns.


Their arts show a strong link to the Burkina traditions of opposing colors and geometric patterns. Primarily hunters and fishermen, they are well-known for their splendidly decorated vertical plank masks such as this one. Bedu masks were danced in different occasions including ceremonies to celebrate life. They were also danced during the annual ceremonies after the yam harvest (zaurau). The artistry of the "Bedu" masks represents one of the pinnacles of West African art, and they are eagerly sought after by collectors and decorators for their abstract appeal.

Small Bedu Plank Mask

  • Origin: Ivory Coast | Burkina Faso

    Size: 19.25" L x 9.75" W x 2.25" D

    Material: Wood

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