-High-quality, natural ingredients

-Deliciously rich Fairtrade cocoa grown by family farmers in Ghana

-No artificial flavors

-100% pure cocoa butter

-No palm oil or soy

-No GMOs


Divine Chocolate Bar

  • 3 oz. Bar

    Milk Chocolate: Made with the finest quality cocoa, smooth cocoa butter, and real vanilla, our milk chocolate is distinctive in its creamy flavor.

    Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt: Milk chocolate with a dash of sea salt, perfectly balancing the sweet crunch of toffee.

    White Chocolate with Strawberries: Smooth white chocolate made from the creamiest cocoa butter with crunchy pieces of real strawberry crisp.

    85% Dark Chocolate: Exquisitely rich and exceptionally bold 85% dark chocolate.

    70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries:This bar boasts smooth, rich dark chocolate with real, fruity freeze-dried raspberries.

    70% Dark Chocolate with Mint Crisp: Smooth, rich, 70% dark chocolate with the inspired addition of crispy mint pieces and natural peppermint oil.

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3860 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia PA, 19104