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An original screen print from Maridadi West Studio founded by Dorothy Udall, who taught Interior Design at Colorado State University. Udall moved to Kenya in 1965 so her husband could teach at the University of Nairobi. Using her background in art and design and desire to create work for the women of one of Nairobi's most depressed areas, she opened a small textile production company called "Maridadi" after the Swahili word meaning "pretty" or "fancy".  The first fabrics produced were hand-applied, wax-resist batiks but she moved to silk screening for it's efficiency. The designs and colors were informed by the regions traditional arts, animals, people and even everyday household items. This piece is from the original studio in Kenya. While modern and graphic in design, there is still a wonderful hand drawn quality to the work enhanced by its hand woven natural cotton ground.

Vintage Maridadi Kenyan Cloth

  • Origin: Kenya

    Material: Cotton

    Size: 34" W x 39" L

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