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This lidded box is made of woven bamboo that has been embellished with small cowrie shells sewn all over the top and sides. The box form is a prayer box, or "keben box," from Bali, which traditionally would have been used to hold offerings to the Hindu gods. These in more recent times have been decorated and used primarily to store small things, as home decor. Cowries are special in many cultures, considered a sign of wealth, since cowries were introduced as trade centuries ago and were used as currency among many indigenous peoples up to the early 20th century. Often a decorated keben box like this would be used to hold a special gift, perhaps to a couple getting married. Buy individually or as a set.

Bamboo | Cowrie Box

  • Origin: Indonesia

    Material: Rattan & Shell


    Small- 9" W x 6" H

    Large- 12" W x 7.5" H

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