Harum Bali Aromatic Incense Sticks are made from natural selected powdered roots and woods that are fragranted with traditionally formulated perfumes made of essential oils. Soft scents, never harsh on the senses.

Balinese Incense

  • Origin: Bali

    Size: Container 6.5"L x 1"W - Incense Sticks 6.25" L

    Scents: Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, Vanilla, Frangipani, Cempaka & Jempiring


    • Find a suitable place to burn your incense.
    • Light the end of the incense stick.
    • Let the flame burn for about 10 seconds. 
    • Gently blow out the flame.
    • Stick your incense into the holder.
    • Let the incense burn until it extinguishes. 
    • Practice proper fire safety.
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